乐动体育开户A digital learning environment that maximizes the use of data and technology to help improve course outcomes.

Sherpath’s comprehensive digital lessons are organized by course objectives to create a didactic learning experience with multimedia, confidence indicators, adaptive remediation, mini assessments throughout the lesson, and a final assessment to gauge student understanding of the material.

Educators can assign, assess, and teach from Sherpath’s single, mobile-optimized interface. Evidence-based data and analytics show student engagement, understanding, and progress.

The contextual and adaptive Sherpath learning experience supports the way today’s students process and retain vital information, setting them on a personalized path to clinical competence based on course objectives, learning styles, and time available.

Whom we serve


Sherpath offers a personalized and engaging learning experience that supports the way today’s students process and retain vital information.


乐动体育开户Sherpath allows educators to assign, assess, and teach from a single, mobile-optimized interface where content and technology work together to help them save time and achieve course objectives.


Sherpath provides evidence-based data and analytics in real time that offer valuable insights on student progress and overall program health.

What we offer

Sherpath offers a seamless, supportive environment that maximizes the use of data, technology, and time to help healthcare programs improve course and student outcomes.

I think Sherpath is, especially for something as intensive as a nursing program, very, very useful…very helpful.

- Sahra, student

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