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Customized analysis, reports and services to meet your research management needs

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An active clinical decision support and pathway technology

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Coordinated care across the continuum

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乐动体育开户Promote professional development and practice improvement with evidence-based learning

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Delivers the fastest, smartest, safest medication decisions

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乐动体育开户Manage competency and provide consistent care among nurses, therapists and health professionals

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The clinical search engine that makes it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge

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Evidence-based oncology pathways, decision support tools and analytics for optimal cancer care

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The easy way to streamline access to your content and ensure consistent patient education

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乐动体育开户Fully hosted institutional repository functionality, OA publishing and integrated faculty profiles

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Exceptional training for the direct service workforce

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Easy-to-use, online authoring platform for editors, authors, contributors and Elsevier staff

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乐动体育开户Multi-user digital access to an extensive range of core medical, nursing and dentistry books

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Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to extract information from unstructured text

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乐动体育开户We improve and optimize the funding mechanisms for funders, researchers and institutions

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乐动体育开户Comprehensive online source of biomedical answers

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乐动体育开户First choice for serious engineering research

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Customized analysis, reports and services to meet your research management needs

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乐动体育开户Online portal for nursing and health professions students and faculty to access Elsevier products

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Authoritative, medical books, rich media, social and community features for clinical professionals

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乐动体育开户Identify scientific experts in minutes.

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乐动体育开户Formulary management & communications

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Makes the complex, high-stakes funding environment manageable

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乐动体育开户A better way to gather geologic knowledge and insights, and inform your critical decisions

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Integrated database and clinical support engine

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Elsevier’s Health Library of health topics, medications and other resources to help your patients

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Complete review and testing solution that prepares students for licensure/certification exam success

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乐动体育开户Ensure consistent care, maintain compliance and promote optimal patient outcomes

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Educate patients by sharing interactive information

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乐动体育开户Customize your institution's health sciences journal collection

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乐动体育开户Cloud-based application delivering answers for engineers

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乐动体育开户A powerful, industry-standard electronic data capture solution for clinical trials

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Self-serve medication video education

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Empowering researchers to organize their references

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乐动体育开户A modular, cloud-based platform for research institutions to manage the lifecycle of research data

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Measures societal impact by uncovering relevant mass mentions across thousands outlets worldwide

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Author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment

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Understand disease mechanisms and predict putative functionality and target-drug interactions

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Providing consistent, evidence-based patient education

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Healthcare learning management system

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Unprecedented access to best-in-class drug development information for researchers

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乐动体育开户Comprehensive policy management software built with your workflow processes in mind

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Relevant content delivered right to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

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The most accurate true acquisition cost

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Online collection of high quality conference proceedings in over 20 subject categories

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Resolve challenges with data quality and integration

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Real-time online drug pricing and analytics

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Enables evidence-based decisions, promotes collaboration, and optimizes impact

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Consolidate and share scientific literature faster

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乐动体育开户Provides the answers to support critical decisions in all chemistry-related research fields

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乐动体育开户Helping healthcare organizations optimize their revenue cycle management

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乐动体育开户Explore and read peer-reviewed journal articles and books from Elsevier and our society partners

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乐动体育开户Tools to establish, execute and evaluate optimized strategies for the research organization

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乐动体育开户The most comprehensive database of peer-reviewed research

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Personalized, digital teaching and learning technology built specifically for healthcare education

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Personalized, digital teaching and learning technology built specifically for healthcare education

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Strengthen and test your knowledge on the go based on the Sobotta Atlas with written and oral exams

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乐动体育开户Tomorrow’s research today since 1994

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Authoritative, medical books, rich media, social and community features for medical students

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Helps patients discover and articulate their care goals, preferences and barriers

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